Cloud Backup Services

What happens if disaster strikes?

Backing up your data is an essential part of business.  How quickly will your business get back on its feet if you suddenly need multiple user remote access to all your applications and data?

Is your current back up local storage solution fit for purpose? How effective and safe is your cloud provision?

The Heliocentrix Solution

Our application uses an easy to use interface making a disaster recovery plan simple, reliable and affordable. With you, we look at the functionality of storing your data safely. This includes:

  • A regular back up schedule. This can be automated so you will always have the most up-to-date version at your fingertips.
  • Real time cloud back up. Our application tracks folders for new or changed files and backs them up immediately.
  • Local Backup. Only store what you need in the cloud.  We can arrange the service to suit your need and store on local backup as well.
  • Encryption. This protects your data from hacking with the latest encryption algorithms.
  • Compression. Zip up your back ups and save time and money on your data storage.

Storage Plans



per Month DD

Per Annum €55.00
Disk Space 10 GB
Desktop/Server Cost



per Month DD

Per Annum €150.00
Disk Space 100 GB
Desktop/Server Cost



per Month DD

Per Annum €700.00
Disk Space 500 GB
Desktop/Server Cost



per Month DD

Per Annum €1300.00
Disk Space 1TB
Desktop/Server Cost

Extra Storage


per Month DD

Per Annum €500.00
Disk Space +1TB
Desktop/Server Cost

Non DD payment incurs additional admin fee. For SQL Client and Bare Metal Images, please contact us for prices

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